The Bembì experience

Our goal is to offer our clients a high quality culinary experience, in which our food is undoubtedly the main focus. We serve authentic Indian recipes, and, even though the presentation of our dishes is modern and sophisticated, our kitchen is under no circumstances fusion. Inviting ambience and impecable hospitality enhance and crown your experience.


Unlike most Indian restaurants, our cuisine reflects the diversity of taste culture and celebration of flavour from north to south of India.  All our dishes are created from the finest fresh produce and freshly ground spices. We blend these flavours to produce mouth watering treats for both eye and palate, thanks to the vast experience of our kitchen team, headed by Master Chef Anand Singh Negi.


Good dishes are based on good quality ingredients. We carefully select the freshest garden vegetables, the best chicken from local farms, the milk products from Montserrat.

Our meat is certified and licensed halal, and

Our fragrant and aromatic spices are imported directly from India – turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cumin, cloves, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon and many more. With all these, we mix our own masalas, unique for each dish.


Besides good ingredients, the preparation technique is vital to achieve dishes of high quality. For more than 12 years, our chefs pride themselves in preparing traditional Indian dishes which reflect the diversity of taste and celebration of flavour of true Indian cuisine.

While various chefs are working as alquimists in order to get each and every dish exactly as per your preference,  we have a dedicated person by the tandoor, who is roasting our meats and preparing our breads, always served hot from the oven.


Entering Bembì, you can feel the Mediterranean murmur of Barcelona remaining outside. The atmosphere of relaxed luxury encourages you to concentrate on tasting the flavours and enjoying the moment.


We bring together all the kindness and hospitality of India at your service so that you feel pampered and well accompanied in your experience with us. Let yourself be advised in your gastronomic and pairing choice, relax and enjoy.

¡Ven a probarlo!

Bembì Experience