Consell de Cent 377

08009 Barcelona

Horario de apertura:

De Lunes a Sábado

Mediodía : 13.15 - 15.45 h

     Noche : 20.30 - 23.30 h

Domingo: 13.15-16.30 h

Noche - cerrado


T: (+34) 93 502 49 52

Móvil: 645 257 701
F: (+34) 93 500 69 14

Newsletter Restaurant Bembì
April 2009

Dear Customer,

Our Valentine's Day special was a runaway success and for those of you who missed it, we will recreate the ambience for St Jordi's Day - 23rd of April - so do mark it on your agenda and look up our website for more information.

For the next two months (April and May) we are extremely happy to present to you, by far the best variety of Mangoes in the world - the Alphonso Mangoes. We are organizing to fly it straight from the farm (in India) and this will be exclusive to Bembì - no other restaurant in Barcelona can serve you this delicious and addictive fruit. Hence do not forget to order them on your next visit to the restaurant - we can also have it delivered to your doorstep at a click. This is also a great Mother’s Day (the 3rd of May) gift idea!

Mother’s day is not too far away - hence if you really want to surprise her, bring her over to Bembì and to top it there is a 25% discount on your entire bill as well - this is the last Sunday when the discount will be applicable. Hence make the most of it!

Like last year - this year too we continue to collaborate and with the 11th edition of BAFF (Barcelona Asian Film Festival) - this is Europe’s second largest Asian Film festival. The festival will be on for 10 days (the 30th of April - the 10th of May).

Lastly, thank you all for your kind co operation and a very warm welcome to all those who are receiving their first copy of the newsletter.

We appreciate any feedback you might have on our restaurant or on the Newsletter. If you don’t want to receive our Newsletter anymore, please let us know on

Your sincerely,

Sanjay Das Gupta and the Bembì team.

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